11 August 2015

HAND MADE FLOWER 3- Roses from plastic bags..

hello every one

this is another hand made flower from waste plastic bag....it is interesting...yes i used old plastic bag for making these roses...

and these are the links for my other hand made flowers   hand-made-flower-crochet-tulip-flower  and  hand-made-flower-2-stocking-sunflower.....

roses in a pot

1.waste plastic bag - 1

2. wire



Method 1

cut the plastic bag into long piece...then cut the edges in curve shape... then roll it ... tie it...that is it
little cute rose are ready...

cut it

 cut the edges...

roll it 

tie it

Method 2 

cut the wire....then stretch the wire like a petal shape....and twist it.....take plastic bag and wrap the petal shape wire ...then in end tie it with thread.....then i made the bud with cotton ....finally i tie all the petals round in  with the bud...that is it....

stretch the wire

wrap the petals

rose is ready

thanks for coming here...


  1. Wow you are onrole creating habdmade flowers from various materials :) loved idea to use up those ugly platics to make pretty roses :)

  2. Especially loved the way you made the center...yummy looking flowers
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  3. Such pretty yummy looking flowers and awesome recycling too
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  4. I like the idea with the plastic bags.
    Thank you for playing along at BGC.



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