13 December 2015

CAKE DECORATION- how to make and transfer frosting image

hello all

good morning ...

today  i am  going to post a simple cake decoration idea....

i just going to tell how  i did for my son  -prasanna's birthday cake.....  ...this is not a expert tutorial ..but it gives some idea for your cake decoration ..i hope this information will help u ...

our cake

transformer image


1. tracing sheet

2. butter cream 
              ( butter - 1 c, powdered sugar - 2 c.....beat well)

method ..

1.prepare butter cream ...

2. choose the design...here i used transformers image.... draw it on tracing sheet

3.for outline i used chocolate cream

4. then fill the design with buttercream

5. freeze the image for 4 - 5 hours..

6. after freezing bring it out and slowly remove from sheet and fix in cake..

how is this..i thing this is little helpful to the people who like to bake and decorate the cake...

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  1. So fun to make your own designer cake isnt it.I beet you son was so thrilled!!
    Dr Sonia

  2. Ooooh...so nice...my son will love this...shall try once. Thanks for sharing



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