19 September 2016

Petal / Tulip Sleeve -how to sew petal / tulip sleeve

Hello  every one

  Petal / Tulip  sleeve  sewing  photo tutorial  ...

Prepare plain basic sleeve draft...
 Then mark it with 2" in middle on top and bottom..
   Then make a draft  for petal sleeve ..
make a duplicate for this draft..

Then cut the draft paper into two pieces as per line....

Cut the  sleeve  pieces  as per  paper cutting like this.. .. 

 Add  pipping  to the sleeve  edges

Attach  the two pieces  into the main cloth.

that's  it beautiful  petal sleeve  is ready  now....

I try to give  a very easy tutorial here....because  while searching for this ...that time i saw a lot of tutorials  but all are little hard to under stand...

but this  petal sleeve sewing  is very easy to make that 's why i am sharing my easy  tutorial here..

I hope  friends it will help to the people who are try stitch a  peal sleeve...

thanks for watching here..

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  1. Muy buena explicación, me encanta como queda.



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