4 July 2017

Reverse glass tanjore painting 12

hello friends...

this time i painted a Radai  krishanna painting ....in reverse glass..

my other paintings are here... Reverse glass tanjore painting ...


  1. awesome painting anu. loving it

  2. nice. Isn't that background blue too much bluishhhh ?
    I do too, but on OHP sheet, similar to glass (but not glass).

    1. thanks sir...

      i thought that fabric blue colour is like some dark shade so i choosed that one ....after i was painting that blue colour is like solvent based behaviour ..so is not come out perfectly...

      anyway i can't change it...so again again i appiled 2 coats over there ..that s y is so much blueishh..

      in ohp sheet i do normal easy floral paintings..
      like this tanjore paintings r not coming perfectly on ohp sheet for me...



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