10 March 2018

DIY - Pinhole camera

hello all..

this is a kids work...last month keerthi made this pinhole camera for his school activity.

Pinhole cameras were one of the earliest types of cameras.

They use the principle of "camera obscura," in which light travels through a small hole in a dark box to form a picture.


1. small box

2. butter paper

3.black chart paper




cut  large window on the box.

place the butter paper on the window place..

(butter paper will become camera screen)

cover remaining place with black chart

make small pin hole on the black paper

our pinhole camera is redy

make the room dark and light the candle  then  keep it in back of the camera

now we  can observe the invert image of the light...

light passes through the small hole and 

projects an inverted image on the opposite screen...

light travels through air in a nearly perfectly straight line: 

The light travels from the top of the tree, straight through the pinhole, and straight to the BOTTOM of the image. ... All cameras produce an inverted image, so  pinhole camera to do the same.

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