12 July 2013

OTG recipe - vanilla cup cake...

hi to all my blogging friends....

thanks all of you for your supporting words...

again an interesting recipe to cook and to eat...

this recipe from sharmispassions


1.maida                     -1 1\2 cup
2.corn flour               -1 tsp
3.butter (room tem.)  -1\4 cup
4.sugar                      -3\4 cup
5.millk                      -3\4  cup
6.vanilla essence       -1\2 tsp
7.salt                         - 1\4 tsp
8.baking powder       - 1 tsp

method -

1.beat butter and  sugar untill it like creamy

2. sieve maida,cornflour,baking powder and salt  twice..

3. add milk and vanilla essence

4.add milk mixture into butter sugar mixture  beat well for few minutes...

5.finally add flour...mix well now batter is ready....consistency of batter is between thick and thinner...

6.meantime preheat oven 180 deg for 10 min

7.fill the batter into  silicon cup cake  pan but fill 1\2 of the cup

8.bake it for 20 min

9. take it out and cool it now vanilla cup cake is ready to eat....

my elder one love it...it sounds great...



  1. looks yummy thanks for easy step by step process..

  2. Yummy small cakes...thank you for linking it



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