25 October 2013

Creamy chocolate cake...

needs for chocolate cake-

1.maida                     -1 1\2cup
2.cocoa powder        -1\4 cup
3.powdered sugar      -1cup
4.baking powder       - 1 tsp
5.baking soda            -1\2 tsp
7.melted butter          -1\4 cup
8.warm water            -1cup
9.lemon juice             -1 tbsp
10.salt                      pinch


1.sieve maida, cocoa powder, baking powder,baking soda and salt  twice

2. add melted butter,warm water and lemon juice

3.then add  powdered sugar  mix it then add shifted flour to it gently mix for a minute..

4.meantime preheat oven 180 deg for 10 min

5.bake it for 40 min

6. take it out and cool it.. now chocolate cake is ready....

for chocolate cream....


1.fresh cream (amul cream) - 1 1\2 cup
2.chocolate chip                 -1 1\2 cup
3. unsal. butter                   -1 teasp.


1.in a heavy pan over low heat boil cram and butter for 2 minutes,,,

2.off the heat

3.add choco chips leave 2- 3 mins 

4.gently mix it then refrigerate for 2 hours.....


  cool the cake then i cut into 2 ....in between i applied the cream ...then again i applied cream to whole cake then i decorated  it with cherries, gems...........
oh wow yummy yummy cake is ready....

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