25 October 2013

crispy cookies with choco chips...

this is so easy and tasty cookies to cook and eat and also it is never failure ratio because i made it so many times all times success.....


1.maida                     -3\4  cup
2.corn flour               -1\4 cup
3.unsalted butter        -1\3 cup
4.powered sugar       -1\3 cup
5.vani. ess.               -1tsp
6.choco chips           -as needed  

method -

1.beat butter and  sugar  it comes like creamy ...

2. then add shifted  maida and sugar........  mix well...make soft dough

3.roll the dough into small balls and make it circle...place choco chips in middle.....

4.meantime preheat oven 180 deg for 10 min

5.bake it for 20 min

6.take it out and cool it....  tasty  cookies  is ready to eat....

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